Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

David Chow

HMA Head BJJ Instructor - David Chow (Black Belt)

David’s interest in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu started when he was training Muay Thai and noticing more & more people were attending the BJJ class in the neigbouring room. He held onto his gloves longer but 5 years later, when Prof. Paulo Guimaraes opened a gym close to his work, he took the opportunity to learn the ‘gentle art’ from the first BJJ black belt in Australia. “It was an eye opener as my stand-up technics, conditioning and movements were essentially defenseless and it felt like I had to learn how to walk again in the world of martial arts. He did learn how to ‘walk’ again by winning multiple NSW Summer/Winter/Spring champions along with 2nd place finishes in the NSW state titles. Currently training under Prof. Robert Naumoski and the Head Instructor at Hurstville Martial Arts/ UJJ Hurstville, David enjoys the challenges and the competitiveness of the team. “For some odd reason, most guys are just bigger in Rob's gym! Maybe it’s the water, but I also think it’s an excellent environment to develop your BJJ game and learn to use ‘leverage’ to counter the weight/strength differences. The founding principles of why Grand Master Helio Gracie created BJJ.” David Chow / UJJ Hurstville
  • Black Belt (Graduated by Robert Naumoski under Paulo Guimaraes)
  • 12+ Years training experience under ROOTS BJJ
  • 5+ Year muay thai training experience
  • Telecommunication Engineering Degree (Honours) – University of New South Wales
  • Master of Business and Technology – Australian Graduate School of Management

Awards and Achievements

  • 2018 Winter Cup BJJ - Master 91kg No Gi Champion (Brown)
  • 2018 Events BJJ - Masters Open Weight Champion (Brown)
  • 2018 Events BJJ - Masters 91kg Champion (Brown)
  • 2017 Aus Sub Only - Adults 91kg Champion (Brown)
  • 2017 Sydney Cup – Adults Open Weight Champion (Brown)
  • 2017 Sydney Cup – Master Heavy Weight Sliver (Brown)
  • 2016 NSW Summer Cup – Master Heavy Weight Champion (Purple)
  • 2016 NSW Summer Cup – Master Open Weight Champion (Purple)
  • 2016 NSW State Championship – Adult Heavy Weight Sliver (Purple)
  • 2016 NSW State Championship – Master Open Weight Sliver (Purple)
  • 2016 Events BJJ – Master Open Weight Champion (Purple)
  • 2016 Events BJJ – Master Heavy Weight Champion (Purple)
  • 2015 NSW Summer Cup – Master Heavy Weight Champion (Purple)


Kickboxing Instructor - Leo Roldan

Leo is a student of Master Chan Cheuk Fei of Jin Wu Koon Martial Arts Academy. Studying Muay Thai, Kickboxing & Boxing for over 15 years and teaching Jin Wu Koon Martial Arts since 2007.


  • Certificate III in Fitness
  • Certificate IV in Fitness
  • First Aid Certification
  • CPR Certification

Leo is a Certified Personal Trainer with 10 years industry experience as a PT, specialising in corrective and functional training, strength & conditioning and general fitness as well as his martial arts.

What makes his classes different from other trainers?
"I truly believe in quality of life through fitness and this carries across in my coaching approach. I get to know my clients regardless of one on one's or in a group setting so I can better understand how to motivate and coach them effectively."

What got him into training?
"My introduction to the industry was motivated by my own transformation from an overweight, desk jockey who couldn't run or jog for more than 5 minutes without being out of breath, to recommitting myself to my health and participating in multiple sports including sprint distance triathlons, half marathons and combat contests. After dropping 20kgs to 63kgs and participating in my first sprint triathlon, I made the decision to share my new found health and wellbeing and help others who felt trapped under their own body weight."

Come down and meet Leo at any of his weekly classes at Hurstville Martial Arts